Your inner peace should be
like the rays of the sun
for every living being.

David Wared


City of Peace by David Wared

Why a City of Peace?

Peace in the community and in the world is in our responsibility. Everyone is requested to contribute their share. We do not live for ourselves, we live in fellowship, because we long to expand the Peace recognised within us and touch it in every single one of us, until there is worldwide Peace.


We create Cities of Peace because in our communities we show and give dignity to people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.


In community we testify to all humans our gratitude, reverence and love. With the Cities of Peace, we create a worldwide network of these communities that express the most expansive and deep-reaching vision of Peace.


The Cities of Peace exist, because the world needs a change NOW. Humans and all living beings long for a new quality of common living.


What is a City of Peace?

The ethics of the inhabitants of a City of Peace goes beyond the concept of humanity. Not only the dignity of every human being is untouchable, but also those of plants and animals, of all nature and of our planet. A City of Peace serves the well-being of all its inhabitants and promotes their development in every respect. Man, plant, animal, and the planet that bears and originates everything live in peaceful coexistence, we call this Extended Humanity.


Men and women, children and adults, young and old live in the awareness that they are more than just the body that carries them through their lives. The City of Peace makes them completely relive, experience and realize what is behind this "more" and who really, they are. Support in form of accompanying, assistance, counselling, forming and treatment is always and for everyone available on this path of knowledge.


Animals touch us and we touch them, always aware of the dignity of the other. The touch takes place on all levels. Chicken and pig are just as close to us as dog and cat are. All animals in a City of Peace complete their existence as an expression of a higher order. They do not serve us as food.


All plants experience our appreciation because we realize their devotion as well as those of the earth that carries us. They thrive both in ecologically sustainable cultures, and in their natural originality.


The maxim of the community is always the well-being of the individual, while for the individual the focus is on what he can do for the community. The propulsion to do so has its origin in the eternal value of Love. Her expression is the unconditional acceptance of all existence and the equally unconditional devotion to all existence. Love connects everything and everyone with one another.


Infra structure

The arrangement and the architecture of the buildings and their connecting routes serve for the benefit of all, as well as the supply off the inhabitants. Comfort, reliability, safety and efficiency are as much the basis for action as sustainability, environmental compatibility, aesthetics and efficient using of all resources.



The City of Peace is a city of pedestrians, cyclists and users of environmentally special purpose vehicles. Both noise and emissions of traffic within the City of Peace is best possible reduced.



For the construction of a City of Peace the country-specific regulations are always taken into account. All new buildings follow the local rules in their architecture and construction. Buildings are areal protecting designed. They are to be built according to the latest findings in building biology and insulation. By greening and by their architecture they inset into the surrounding nature and landscape. They offer highest living and usage comfort and are completely decomposable and reusable. Existing properties are being innovated to the same level as much as possible.


Pets are welcome in every building. For all animals in need there is room in and at animal sanctuaries where they receive love, food and care until the end of their life cycle.


Public places and buildings

Buildings serving the community are open at all times. The health centres and libraries are also spaces ´for commonality. A building of the administration is always one for consulation and supervision. There are restaurants and cafes as well as shops for groceries and other demands of daily life.


Essential and characteristic of the City of Peace are the meditation houses, which are always open to all people and in which mediations are possible around the clock. They are preferably in parks and are equipped multifunctional. Meditation is the precondition for spiritual clarity and purity. This can lead to inner Peace. The main meditation house and a surrounding park are centrally located within the urban area. From the roundabout around this park, roads lead like veins of leaves into the City of Peace. Green strips and water courses, fountains, water features and street lighting are demand-oriented and energy-saving on the cutting edge of technology. The public areas include children's playgrounds, sports facilities, parks, market and community places.


An ascension room allows the companionship in the process of dying by close related persons and competent fellow human beings. No one is left alone at the end of his earthly existence.


Residential buildings

Housing space in the City of Peace is available in versatile ways. Here forms of the community of life are in the foreground. Families over one to six generations find space as well as other life communities. Guests and visitors find guest houses and hostels for short or long-term stays.


Power supply

The supply of heat, electricity and water to a City of Peace is largely based on renewable sources that are used as efficiently as possible with the aid of state-of-the-art technology. University research and development supports concepts based on local and renewable generation.


Nature and environment

A City of Peace expresses the Order, the Harmony and the Rhythm of nature. Flora and fauna are diverse, horticulture and agriculture utilise exclusively biological procedures. Blossoms bring colours into people's lives. The forests thrive freely and are spaces of dearly encounter with nature. The water bodies are biotopes for the rich flower- and wild life. A specially designed bathing lake is available for people. Agriculturally used areas are surrounded by hedges. These serve as protection against soil erosion and as a breeding and shelter for birds, insects and mammals.


Health and healing

Health and illness are always considered in the overall context of body, soul and spirit. Every illness has a reason that is related to the mental and spiritual state of health of the patient. The body is never considered in isolation, but demonstrates with its level of health inner conditions. The Light Awareness Philosophy is the first healing philosophy in the world. We assume that healing is essential to inner peace. When inner conflicts are clarified, Peacefulness arises in the human being. Only then Peace be expressed in thinking, feeling and acting. Therefore, health prevention and a well-founded approach to healing have an essential place in a City of Peace.


Due to his healing philosophical education, a patient is able to immediately perceive an occurring physical, mental or emotional imbalance and to start a healing process on his own. All therapists are trained in the Light Essence Therapy (LET) according to David Wared and work on the basis of the five pillars education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment. The therapy methods integrate all classical naturopathic approaches (biological cancer therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, physiotherapeutic treatments). In addition, completely new therapies are available: Light constellation, Energy dancing, Light yoga, light point treatment, the therapy of colour glasses, light point sound therapy, painting therapy and more. All forms of therapy are also suitable for healthy people for prevention.


The City of Peace ensures outpatient medical care around the clock. The health campus also offers the opportunity of inpatient treatment. Basic care in the important fields is guaranteed. Even state-of-the-art conventional medical treatments are applied according to the basic values of Extended Humanity. In addition, all therapy procedures of the Light Essence Therapy (LET) are being used. Health knowledge is being taught in all the educational institutions of the City of Peace and thereby educated about physiological processes in the human body regarding the connection with the mental and spiritual level. The natural process of thinking and feeling is explained and put into perception by the various therapeutic methods.


Supply and Nutrition

The supply of the inhabitants of a City of Peace is based on a manifold generation and distribution system: Self-supply from gardens and roof gardens, internal and external organic farming, small businesses and workshops on one hand, supermarket and share exchanges on the other. Mainly fresh goods will be used avoiding large stocks. Being cooked is as much as needed, vegetarian with ingredients from organic farming, either for the fellowship in canteens and restaurants or individually in the apartments.


Other daily necessities such as furniture, clothing, household goods and tools come from local workshops, or find its ways by fair trade into the City of Peace. For the efficient and sustainable cleaning of the clothes laundries or self-service laundries are available. The City of Peace offers a lot of space for handicrafts as a creative possibility of human expression and services as devotional activities with the goal of the well-being of the others.



Education from the drive of curiosity and yearning is a component of all human life. According to the Light Awareness Philosophy she is free, open, trusting, family supporting and individually oriented and therefore self-motivating and responsible-minded. The schools and educational establishments of a City of Peace rely on holistic relationship and education. As a matter of course is the daily Peace meditation. The pupils and students receive a broad subject-specific and mental enlightenment. They move in a learning environment that is aligned for on truth-seeking and fulfils an extended humane education-ethic, which teaches the Love for all and everything. This means greatest possible space for free personal expansion and inner growth, which both leads into a peaceful coexistence in school daily life and outside of school.


Education in a City of Peace means ideal education in the sense of the Light Awareness Philosophy. The philosophy, pedagogy and everyday life of an educational institution focus on the mental and spiritual growth of the human being: Wisdom instead of knowledge, insight instead of information, responsibility instead of performance.



In everyone is the call of Peace,
please listen into your heart.
In everyone is the feeling of Peace,
please feel into your heart.

David Wared




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