A human being who lives according to his inner destiny,
all places are equally good and home to him at the same time.


David Wared


Healing and liberation

Our vision is to build a City of Peace in 100 countries around the world. We have also arrived in Colombia and have honoured and appreciated the original people, the indigenous Kogi.

We thank Ivan and the whole Duarte-Torres family, as well as Mamo Manuel from Duanamake for the warm welcome. We look forward to working together for Colombia, which after years of civil war is in need of healing and Peace.


Appreciation of the indigenous Kogi in their consciousness as guardians of the Earth and the restoration of the original Order, Harmony and Rhythm for Colombia.


Out of our Peace we impulse, touch and heal people and nature. We honor the indigenous culture and conduct Peace Dinners and Peace Congresses.



Earth healing from plantations of bananas as pay back to Earth. Performance of Peace- and Silence Meditations, days of silence, Fire Meditations and Sunrise Meditations.



Re-establishing the Unity between the people and nature of Colombia for appreciation of South America and paying tribute to the indigenous population of the Kogi.



Intercontinental community

TRADITION The Kogi people were only able to escape the conquest by the Spanish conquistadors because they lived their spiritual connection in close communities, withdrawn in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Kogi have maintained their culture, developed over thousands of years. This is characterised by their deep connection to nature and their ancestors. They see themselves as guardians of the earth and call themselves "elder brothers".

Appreciation We visited the Kogi in 2018, sang for them, meditated and lived with them. They let us participate in their traditions. Not only for this we are connected with them in deep gratitude. United we have worked for the good of Mother Earth and together we have been healing. At our invitation, Mámo Manuel took part in the Hamburg Light Awareness Congress realised by us. We thank him for his openness and his touching words.

Mámos are the spiritual leaders of the Kogi communities. They are priests, teachers and medical doctors in one person. Also, with them this task is only characterized, controlled and represented by men. Even as children, sons are separated from their families and prepared for this responsibility for years high up in the mountains. During our healing work, women and men from different origins act together.

You are not your extraction,
but you are your origin.


David Wared