When you are in darkness, you are within Light.
When you are in hate, you are within Love.
When you are in death, you are within Life.
There is nothing outside of Light, Love, Life.


David Wared

The 3L principle

Light Love Life

PRINCIPLE OF CREATION This principle, which is the highest for man to which he has access, combines the three aspects of Light, Love and Life in one Unity. This Trinity (three-unity) is inseparable a whole. The 3L principle answers both the questions of the original existence and the becoming effective of physical laws on the material level. It describes the creation itself and how it can be recognized as a universal event. On the one hand, this principle clarifies the incarnation of the spiritual-soul being.

On the other hand, it represents the refinement and expansion of individual consciousness. The awareness that is limited to material is thus elevated to the infinity of the universal. The ALL-connectedness of man, his Unity with all existence, his relation to creation itself is made clear.

All light principles can be traced back to the 3L principle and can be derived vice versa from it.

To expand your Light,
to express your Love,
living your aliveness,
saves the whole world.


David Wared

3-L Principle

Principle of creation

The path from shadow to light is only a choice.


David Wared


Universal spirit and original information

Impulsation The Light stands for the spirit out of which all creation is impulsified. It is invisible, carries all information and is all-embracing manifesting. All life has a spiritual origin. Within creation, it is expansive and promotes the growth and refinement of every being. This development means energy increase and expansion of everything in being. The Light is the source of Unity.

The human being carries out a separation on the level of the mind and sets a beginning and an end to the developments/existences. Regardless of his state of consciousness, man is a spiritual being. He corresponds to the Light. When he recognizes this for himself, he dissolves boundaries and can thus also accept the eternity of the Light and himself.

LIGHT Awareness Everything created expands. The infinite expanse of being as an idea has an eternal connection to the principle of Light, which in turn is effective on all levels of existence. Essential for the realization of the principle is the focus of awareness. It is in his decisions and his responsibility whether he gives expression to the Light in him or to the shadow. To speak at this point of the good or bad person does not correspond to the essential, but is an evaluation. Every human being is fundamentally good! To be in the own Light is connected with our consciousness. Therefore, every human being follows his path of consciousness and develops himself continuously. A very essential step of development is the awakening into the consciousness of being a spiritual being.  The human being realizes that he is more than his body and decides to develop into his full spiritual potential. In this way he changes from the personality of a more or less unconscious creature to the perspective of a co-creator, who consciously contributes to creation with his thinking, feeling and acting. The spirit of man himself is in constant expansion, trying to expand his limits.


Reproduction is a biological aspect of expansion, influence is a social aspect, knowledge and cognition is an aspect of the spiritual horizon. The more this recognizing spiritual being achieves presence, the greater the effect of its co-creation strength in relation to its fellow human beings and beyond that to all other beings on our planet. The co-creation being expands to the global level. "The next is my next me" now becomes a light-filled orientation. The beings are all of equal value, equal dignity and loved equally. Mother Earth gets a big payback from this co-creator, because his light-full causing, effecting and releasing serves all fellow beings. The expansion of the human spirit becomes visible in the integration of the so far unfamiliar. The thinking shifts from the ego consideration to a global view of fellow beings.

IMPLEMENTATION Light is the impulse generator of all completed ideas. It unites in itself the 11 Basic Values and initiates any creation processes by its impulsation. Light from the origin spirit has the potential of the origin information. As universal ideal it creates from itself the first fundamental idea and brings all creation into expansion.
The Light Awareness Philosophy enlightens people to recognize themselves as spiritual beings and to perceive the Light of this spirituality. In their individual physicality, they do not reach this global level on their own. In a City of Peace, human consciousness is raised through a process of evolution. On this path, expanded levels, deeper dimensions and higher spheres reveal themselves to him. The dual limited awareness is brought closer to the universal, the unlimited. From the longing of the human being, which is inherent in him, he is raised to the highest awareness. This corresponds to the existence as a spiritual being. It finds its reappearance in the Light of the source and thus expands its own Light into the Universal. It becomes one with the Light of the source.


The greatest potential is love for yourself,
to open up to yourself.
You are closed to others,
when you are closed to yourself.


David Wared


Universal soul and original awareness

Inspiration Love in this Light principle corresponds to the infinite ONE Love from the ideal and the highest expression of Love of the original soul. The impulsive Light, the origin information, is taken up by the origin soul with its origin consciousness and is given out inexhaustibly as origin energy. This absoluteness is the basis of the "creation as such". All further processes of creation emerge from this source.

Individual AWARENESs The Love aspect of the beings is fulfilled on the form-end level with its unique swinging and the engagement in it. The expression of the individual soul becomes visible on the human level according to the development of consciousness. Awareness corresponds to the Love aspect. Man as an individual carries this universal consciousness within himself. His limiting framework caused by himself prevents the perception of his real potential. He is not yet aware of his universal consciousness.

Global avareness In a City of Peace, shared global focus leads to equally shared global awareness. This perspective opens up an entirely new level of Love expression. It opens up the barriers of personal limitations and provides the opportunity to complete the individual development of awareness. From the connecting of Love, the consciousness deepens globally to unifying thinking and feeling, in which the birthing and moving of Love shows itself. The global awareness inspires the individual. Love thus has the effect of deepening and merging in this way.

CONNECTEDNESS Self-realization through the experience of being connected to everything provides the possibility of fulfilling the common soul task. This universal aspiration to bring soul expression in being to its highest fulfilment leads to ALL-connectedness and brings man back to his origin. The Light within itself is thus fully expressed, the expression of Love touches everything else. All connecting results from the potential of Unity, in which everything is connected with everything else.

Love, live and shine.


David Wared


Universal existence and original energy

CREATION Development, transformation and formation emanates from this third aspect of the 3L principle. The creator effect - coming into action - is the meaning of this principle of life. It is impulsed from the Light, brought forth by Love and that on all levels, dimensions and spheres of existence. The trinity of Light, Love and Life is inseparable One. It describes "the eternally valid essence of all manifestations, independent of structures such as space, time, form or conceptions" (David Wared, Light Awareness II).

free choice and acceptance The human being as a creature is on a path of development that leads through experiencing, discovering and recognizing. Conscious changes open up new spaces for action in life. The evolution of the human being results from these versatile experiences and the associated changes of perspective. In this happening there is always and for everyone the free choice to decide this way or that way. If the human being goes beyond the experience and draws the appropriate conclusions, even more gains knowledge, the perspectives open to understand himself as a spiritual being. With it the basis is given to change from a creature to a co-creator, to put the feelings "side by side" with the mind in a co-deciding way and thus to come into actions which have all other co-beings in sight and are of service to them.


The self-creative acting promotes in this way the further approach of man to his origin, to his essence. The acceptance and assumption to perceive oneself more and more as a spiritual being and to direct one's actions towards the super-personal helps to advance the process towards self-recognition. If man recognizes that he is an immortal being, he finds himself in his true liveliness. Descended as spirit-soul unity into a body, he is much more than his form.

The spiritual being The insight of the eternal spirit and the infinite soul as well as the immortal life leads to the transcendence of the human being. The still embodied human being becomes a creator being who serves gratefully in humbleness for the benefit of the whole existence. The longing is the only motivation in highest responsibility for everything. Clarity of thinking, purity of feeling and completeness of actions are the attributes of this universal life in harmony with the 11 Basic Values. The human being who has realized his essence is in the fine vibration and strength supplied by the 11 Basic Values. He is the revelation of the source and present expression of life. The spiritual being, which is still called man, shows itself in its Light and Love unconditionally and unbound. It expands further on the levels of spirituality in self-recognition.

Without Light, change of awareness is not possible.
Without Love, raising awareness is not possible.
Without Life, awareness in the Light is not possible.


David Wared