The miracle of Order, Harmony and Rhythm
brings healing back into the body.


David Wared

The OHR principle

Order Harmony Rhythm

Being in OHR The origin of all being and all forms is timeless and boundless, infinite, eternal and super absolute. Every idea and thus all existence are contained in the first idea, which emerged from the super absoluteness as the first creation. (3L principle: Light, Love, Life). Every idea from the origin source is a completed idea. It is filled with the qualities of Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. The clear expression of the intention connected with the act of creation needs a describing principle from a philosophical point of view. According to the Philosophy of Light Awareness, this is another trinity, consisting of the universal aspects of Order, Harmony and Rhythm, summarized in the OHR principle.

MIRACULOUS COINCIDENCE All life on the individual levels, global dimensions and universal spheres is embedded in the ONE Order, the ONE Harmony and the ONE Rhythm.

Everything is in expansion, expression and liveliness. The OHR principle is also valid for form-like existence in its polarity. It causes synchronicity of the unique life force of each living being with the original values. Out of Freedom, man has the possibility to cause, bring about and trigger ideas and actions that may or may not correspond to the eternally valid values. If he limits himself and others, he decouples himself from his universality. Thus, he reduces his vitality, his life runs disorderly, disharmoniously and he falls out of his very own rhythm. This contradicts his real nature and is therefore not permanent. Independent of this, the universal OHR principle eternally maintains creative Order, unifying Harmony, and invigorating Rhythm. The longing of man's being moves him until his ideal individual order is restored harmoniously and in an unmistakable rhythm in accordance with the universal OHR principle.

See in all the Order
your own Order.
See in all the beauty
your own Harmony.
See in all actions
your own Rhythm.


David Wared

OHR Principle

The recognition of things first corresponds to your order,
to your harmony and to your rhythm,
then transcend them into the great Order,
the great Harmony and the great Rhythm.


David Wared


Direction of all Life processes and energies

CONTINUING DETERMINATION Everything created strives to expand out of its unique Order, according to the Light principle of expansion. The universal Principle of Order thus keeps all phases of development and the energies flowing in them in the intended alignment. All creation from the first idea is therefore unlimited. From this highest level, Order also creates structures to promote and preserve the vitality of physical forms of existence.

Life plan Every individual carry within him or herself his or her own Order, which is inseparably linked to the global and universal Order. The Order within the life plan of a cell is the same Order that keeps planets and stars together in universes. The OHR principle inseparably connects Order with Harmony and Rhythm. Therefore, it is a harmonious Order in the rhythmic flow of Life. It is a blessing for all life and existence. Without harmonious Order chaos arises.

Individual aspect of Order – Order within me

INNER REGULATOR The adoption of a body-oriented identification and decisions that are largely based on the perception of the mind reduce the awareness of the human being and draw myself out of my order. This causes lack within me, e.g. lack of strength and health. But this state is not permanent, because my inner regulator in the depths of my heart is connected to the source of all being and reminds me of the fulfilment of the OHR Principle within me. A precondition for this is my perception of this impulse, e.g. through music. Its vibrations go into resonance with my energies, which causes clarification and healing. With increasing awareness, I perceive my Order, my Harmony and my Rhythm in thoughts, feelings and actions.

I am increasingly able to recognise my inner Order and express it. This awakes in me the longing for more spiritual wideness and mental depth.

PROMOTE AND FIND The City of Peace provides everyone and everything with the best possible conditions for the development of their own Order, e.g. through lifelong education, constant supervision, cause-oriented treatment, competent consultation and empathic assistance. This process of demanding, promoting and finding is free and completely aligned with my unique being. Outside the tightness of compulsion and necessity I am able to experience, notice and recognize my own OHR principle in Harmony with all fellow beings.

Global aspect of Order – Order within us

WORLDS STEER In every living being on Mother Earth and in every event the own OHR Principle operates. Man achieves this insight when his expanded perception of things and conditions leads to recognize, that everything comes from one source and is guided by the universal Order. To follow one's own Order within oneself also includes bringing the Order of all fellow beings into awareness, accepting it unconditionally and promoting it beyond that. Thus, every form of existence on Mother Earth is able to expand and complete itself according to the creative plan and directed by the universal Order.


Global Order Our planet Earth reveals the ideal Order in the polarity of material. The human awareness process is supported by a worldwide network of Cities of Peace, within the eleven basic values are lived. The more finely this network spans the earth, the more the Order of all people unites with that of the supporting home planet and its nature to the global Order.

Universal aspect of Order – Order within itself

FUNDAMENTAL The universal Order, like universal Harmony and Rhythm, is an absoluteness. They form the trinity of the OHR principle for themselves. Order is unconditionally and completely present. It describes all extension of life uniquely for each existence. It keeps all events and all energy in the paths originally intended by creation.


Order is in me, in you, in all existence and creates the basis for a harmonious coexistence of diverse, numerous and yet unique Rhythms. Universal Order is unthinkable, it is revealed from the Unity of the Great Whole, through the interaction of the planets and stars of the Universe, through the beauty and diversity of original nature and in every cell of a living organism, no matter how small.

Music creates harmony so that heaven dances with you.


David Wared


Connection and balancing

PERSISTENT CONNECTION The origin of all creation is Unity. The infinite Love expresses the information contained in the eternal Light as immortal Life Energy and connects everything (3L Principle). The Harmony from the OHR Principle reveals the Love from the highest creation principle on all levels of existence. It creates connection to the environment and balance as a sign of inner connectedness.

Compensation Harmony enables the Unity and the interaction of the strengths in an unlimited variety. The compensation of all opposites, the balance, is the dual state of Harmony. In this way Harmony causes the maintenance of the higher Order. All beings strive for Harmony because it unites expansion and cohesion.

Individual aspect of Harmony – Harmony within me

BALANCE The Harmony within me works physically, soulfully and spiritually. For my body, balance is the maximum achievable state of harmony. If I focus my attention only on external appearances and possession, I cannot find access to my inner Harmony. My body gets into an imbalance and indicates this to me through indisposition and pain. Through the equalization of thinking and feeling my body achieves the desired balance. Now my organism is in comprehensive homeostasis (state of equilibrium), I am in perfect health and enjoy my well-being, even at an advanced age.

Perception Harmony on the mental and spiritual level means more than balance. It is about the experience and recognition of my real being. Only by opening my heart and being aware of my universal spirit-soul-being am I able to perceive and express the all-encompassing Harmony within me. If I succeed in this, feelings of happiness will multiply in my life. I long to live in a harmonious community of for one another, this is how the City of Peace grows within me.

Global aspect of Harmony – Harmony within us

DIVERSITY AND VARIETY Disbalance in nature is always the consequence of excessive use by us humans, separated from our universality. Untouched tropical rainforest or coral reefs far beyond human influence reveal the harmonious effect from a higher Order. Creatures in variety and plurality live together in wonderful harmony. Everything is connected with each other, in perfect balance of natural growth and decay. Here it becomes clear that animals, plants, mushrooms, micro-organisms and the earth, which makes everything possible, perfectly express the universal OHR principle.


Global Harmony To achieve, maintain and preserve global Harmony requires the expansion of consciousness of us as human beings. How is that possible? Worldwide Cities of Peace provide the best possible conditions for each of us to deepen our souls and expand our spirit. By reconnecting with the Unity of all being, Harmony brings about mutual respect and acceptance of the dignity of all and everything within us.

Universal aspect of Harmony - Harmony within itself

EXPRESSION OF LOVE Universal Harmony forms an inseparable trinity with universal Order and universal Rhythm, the OHR Principle according to the Philosophy of Light Awareness. All existence carries the universal Harmony as an expression of Love within itself, as well as Order from Light and Rhythm from Life. The meaning of all life and of all living things is further development (evolution, lat. evolvere = to develop) and expansion. The universal Harmony connects all expanding beings. Without Harmony the earth, for example, would move further and further away from the sun. The consequence would be a dry and very cold planet without the life, as we are familiar with today.
Universal Harmony is not conceivable. It can be felt and perceived in all fellow beings who, in connection with the origin, express their core of being completely. Their empathy for all fellow beings is a grace and a blessing for the earth community, their liveliness creates miracles.

For this the human being must remember his roots, open all his senses and his heart. He needs willingness to deepen his awareness and expand his spirit in order to evolve into his true being and live it.

What does a couple on the park bench say about universal Harmony?

She: "I was born and my primeval soul Harmony made me feel certainty, confidence and trust. Then all this was taken away from me and I let it happen. After I met you, I remember more and more".
He: "Allow yourself the time and I share my certainty, my confidence and my trust with you."
She: "Thank you for living in Harmony and Peace with you, all and everything."

The essence of origin creates Order, Harmony and Rhythm in all existence.

David Wared



UNIQUE FREQUENCY Rhythm is ordered movement, thus change on the time level and eternal in the ALL-presence. Rhythm, combined with Order and Harmony, structures procedures within processes and developments. Therefore, it works loving, healing, and balanced, in a frequency unique for each being. In the eternal ALL-Rhythm everything vibrates in Unity and nothing is outside of it. For the united coexistence of all creatures within the material polarity, the alignment of one's own with the eternal Rhythm is a precondition.

For man this means to keep his individual and distinctive frequency pure from disturbing disharmonies out of his ego-consciousness. For this, it is essential to apply hygiene of thoughts, feelings and actions. The human being then reveals his universal connection and realizes the highest possible expression of his true being, his true Self.

Individual aspect of Rhythm – Rhythm within me

HEARTBEAT Every being, including myself, is gifted with a unique, unmistakable Rhythm from its universal origin. Within my body, for example, my individual breathing frequency and the very own rhythm of my heartbeat are an expression of this. In the awareness of being a spiritual being in a body, my individual essence expresses itself completely on all levels: I am balanced and elevated above all conditions; I am gratefully happily connected with all fellow beings; my body is vital and powerful even in old age. Only the self-induced reduction to ego-consciousness separates me from the eternal Rhythm and pushes me out of my OHR principle.


The ego effects disorder, disharmony and causes a rhythm of life in me that does not correspond to my individual frequency. This state causes more suffering and pain in me with every shift in the willingness to recognize, until I become aware of the longing from the connectedness of my core of being. This directs me on my path of experience, discovery and recognition, which expands my perception and deepens my awareness. My individual rhythm adapts more and more to the eternal one. That makes me shining, empathetic and alive.

Global aspect of Rhythm – Rhythm within us

UNITED RHYTHM All creatures on our planet and Mother Earth herself are in their expression always in Harmony with the original sound and its eternal Rhythm. Only we human beings have the possibility to assume a separating ego-identification out of free choice. This makes us go deaf in the orchestra of Unity and we lose touch with the Rhythm of the Whole. The resulting disorder and disharmony in us and on Mother Earth are not permanent.

The core of our being always remains connected to the beat of the eleven basic values and leads us back to the inspiring, soulful and invigorating sound of our origin. A worldwide network of Cities of Peace will tune our Rhythm to the global one. This will restore the original global Order and Harmony. Then we will not only be one with the musicians next to us, but we will also sing in the chorus of animals, plants, Mother Earth and all planets.

Universal aspect of Rhythm – Rhythm within itself

ESSENTIAL RHYTHM All individual frequencies are contained in the universal Rhythm. Nothing is lost, even a finite and therefore incomplete idea finds its way back into the Trinity of eternal Order, of infinite Harmony and of everlasting Rhythm. From a universal trinity only the lightful, blissful and perpetual can be realized, nothing else. The universal Rhythm expresses the underlying Order. The events on all levels are thus given an alignment that has a balancing, connecting, healing and at the same time individually unique effect. Without the universal Rhythm no heart beats, no musical instrument sounds and no planet rotates on its own axis and around its star.
The universal Rhythm is not conceivable, it can be felt and perceived in all fellow beings who, connected with their origin, express their core of being completely.


For human beings this means transcending everything that is material and human, penetrating everything in its depth and merging into Unity with creation.

What does the couple on the park bench say about universal Rhythm?

She: "I am carried on a wave of trust, confidence and certitude. I always have been. But it was only when I met you that I became aware of it."
He: "I called you before you were there and you made an appointment with me before you were born."
She: "Thank you for my life united in universal Rhythm with you in the City of Peace.


All my eyes see is Beauty.
All my spirit perceives is Wonder.
All my soul experiences is Love.
This is the origin.


David Wared