For a better harvest the seed requires a good ground, sun and water.
For a better Earth, the seed human needs Love and devotion.


David Wared


DAVID WARED is the source of the Light Awareness. Already in his early youth he revealed its contents and later also wrote it down. He published the principles of healing in seminars and trainings, making his wisdom transparent and accessible to everyone interested.


Since his childhood he has been dedicating his life to the development of human awareness and the healing of people on all levels of body, soul and spirit. He thinks, feels and acts out of Unity with everything and all. Accordingly, for him all humans, animals and plants, as well as our planet Earth, are equal in value and dignity. Thereby social, cultural, political and religious convictions are different views, which do not have to oppose the original Unity of mankind.

Everything comes from the same, ONE origin that exists eternally beyond all human perspectives.


EDUCATION AND PEACE To him, every human being naturally has access to Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. His work for those who come to him is directed at the development of their consciousness and their healing through the essential pillars of the Light Awareness Philosophy. Here it is a matter of accompanying people, advising them, treating them, assisting them and, above all, educating them. His vision is to bring about Peace in the world through the development of Peace in the individual. His whole life is in service essentially-realizing this vision.

From the heavenly you have come into earthly.
But you are not the earthly.
You are the heavenly on earth.


David Wared