If you love the ESSENTIAL,
then the ESSENTIAL shows itself,
brings about the ESSENTIAL
for the essence-realization of the ESSENTIAL for all BEINGS.


David Wared


from Light Awareness

DIGNITY In the vision of a City of Peace, the extended humane approach of its inhabitants to everything that is and exists plays an essential role for us. Extended Humanity by Light Awareness has a clearly described meaning. David Wared says: " Humanity is the process of the preservation of one's own and individual dignity, from which the preservation of the dignity of the other and of the community emerges." The term community refers not only to human coexistence, but also to the coexistence of humans, animals, plants, nature and the Earth.

Values In the Light Awareness Philosophy these are all forms and expressions of vitality, which are all considered, felt and treated equal in value and dignity. In this unifying view, we assume that everything that exists immanently holds five eternally valued values. These values are Freedom, Peace, Truth and Love, which are all merged into the fifth value of Unity. They are valid on individual levels within each being, on the global levels in togetherness and beyond that in the superordinate universal sense.

EQUAL RIGHTS An individual who is able to encounter, experience and recognize these values in full meaning within himself is able to pass them on. In this way, Extended Humanity is lived and carried into the world. Their application is an essential precondition for bringing Peace to communities and bringing it to life. David Wared further says: "Extended Humanity sees, considers and promotes equality and equal rights between humans, animals, plants, Earth and nature.“ Here it is a matter of letting all living beings come into their unlimited expression of life, protecting, promoting and developing them. This means the integration of all living things into the cycle of life.

AWARENESS Extended Humanity also serves the promotion, development and expansion of individual, global and universal awareness. In addition, their application also initiates prevention and healing of disease for all beings. The spiritual foundations of health and illness originate from the Light Awareness Philosophy and in their completion lead into the full responsibility of each individual.

Extended Humanity is supra systemic, supra-cultural and supra-religious in its meaning and application. Here also this means: All involved parties are equivalent and equal dignified.


Sometime, somehow, somewhere, you will feel
that you have enough strength, trust, courage and confidence
to free yourself from the shackles of hesitation, obstacles, worries and fear.
Your heart will be the unmistakable witness of this liberation
and you will get the chance in your life
to start something NEW, HEALING and EXPANDING.


David Wared


Being one with all existence

  • Respecting, protecting and extending the dignity of all Life
  • Strengthening and extending Democracy and Freedom in all countries of the world
  • Bringing the peaceful community of people into a global expansion
  • To develop Love and protection for all and to take responsibility for the essence-realization of the 3L-principle (Light, Love and Life), the OHR-principle (Order, Harmony and Rhythm), the 3P-principle (Personality, Perspective and Potential) and the five eternal values (Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity)
  • Equal dignity and equal rights for men and women, human beings and animals, human beings and plants, human beings and nature
  • Preservation and protection of all life
  • Preservation and application of free choice for all beings
  • Support in bringing each person´s self-responsibility for his thinking, feeling and acting and its effect on himself and his environment to awareness
  • Support for the achievement of individual self-determination and that of communities according to the principle of finding, promoting and demanding
  • Promotion, education and protection of unborn life, newborns, young children, adolescents and old people
  • Support for the development and achievement of the self-mastership of each human being
  • Increase of personal happiness, happiness of one´s neighbor, animals, nature and all other life
  • Promotion and education in the fields of science and technology, art and culture, as well as in sport and celebrations of joy
  • Promotion of openness, commitment and education on its own initiative
  • Freedom and being free of a person in its cultural, religious and artistic expression
  • Essentially-realizing true and universal awareness through individual spiritual awareness
  • Development and promotion of individual universality
  • Supporting every human being in their own may, ability and being for their life, their expression of Love and their message and teaching
  • Promotion of education, strengthening and securing of individual potential, individual perspective and personality
  • Promotion and support of the right to education, housing, food and being of a person by society and state according to their free will
  • Extension of the abundance principle to all countries
  • Support for the dissolution of suffering, old burdens and karmata
  • Support for building new healing and blessing
  • Strengthening the principle of being

Extended humanity is the integrating of all life into a cycle.


David Wared