Peace and happiness are only generated
by constantly practicing unity with others
and One-ness with ourselves.


David Wared


Contemplation of the truth

MEDITATION is essential for the liberation, healing and self-knowledge of the human being. It is the path to becoming aware of one's own essence (core of being). Through conscious, deep relaxation and the directing of attention to the inner self, expanded perception with all senses is possible. Meditating helps to free oneself from attachments, conceptions and conditionings. Deep, regular flowing breathing is of particular importance. This breathing is the bridge to our unique rhythm, given from the source of universal Rhythm.

The Light Awareness Philosophy offers these basic forms of meditation:

  • Focus Meditation
  • Flow Meditation
  • Silent Meditation
  • Sound Meditation
  • Movement Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation



In a smile dwells happiness.
In Peace the highest devotion.
In meditative prayer salvation.
In loving the others Paradise.
In humility sanctity.
In gratitude recognition.


David Wared