An evolution of society can take place when the evolution in you is accomplished.
A healing in society can take place when healings are accomplished in you.
Peace in society can take place when Peace and awareness have taken place in you.


David Wared


Spirit - Soul - Body

MEDICL CARE Both outpatient medical care and individual and group therapy is guaranteed by the City of Peace around the clock. The patient is welcome at any time and always lovingly cared for his well-being. The health campus also has the possibility of inpatient treatment. Care is guaranteed in the fields of surgery, internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry. The most modern orthodox medical treatments are applied according to the basic values of Extended Humanity. In addition, all therapy methods of the Light Essence Therapy are being used. Patients remain supervised and cared for around the clock after a therapy session. This allows a deeper understanding of the true cause of a disease.

HEALTH KNOWLEDGE is being taught in all educational institutions of the City of Peace. It is always about the mediation of knowledge about physiological processes in the human body, including the connection with the level of spirit and soul. The natural process of think-feeling is explained and made experienceable by the various therapeutic methods. In addition, we consider each person in terms of his or her individual sequence of elements.  The resulting specific character attributes are included in every form of support. The typology according to David Wared is the basis for this.

New therapies The Light Awareness Philosophy is the first philosophy worldwide that also includes a complete healing approach. Complete because it includes the three levels of existence of the human being, body, soul and spirit. It also includes completely new therapeutic methods.



from the Light Awareness Philosophy


Meditation from the Light Awareness Philosophy is always aligned with the 11 basic values and thus essential for the healing and self-knowledge of the human being. It is a way to consciously and deeply relax and draw attention to one's inner feelings.

Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing as a completely new dance therapy and movement mediation makes liberation, energization, vitalization, healing and deep self-awareness possible at the same time.


Lightessence therapy

Lightessence therapy comprehends the spiritual, mental and physical level of the human being. It enables the memory of our original healing state, reconnects what is separate and thus restores communication on all three levels.



LightYoga is spiritual, mental and physical yoga. The meditative performance accompanied by deepened abdominal breathing activates all the light points (energy entry and exit ports of the body). LightYoga restores Order, Harmony and Rhythm of the human being.



Light Constellation as a further development of the classical constellation work is applicable on an individual and global level to lead more and more people worldwide into liberation, healing and self-knowledge.



Sounds of glass harps, singing bowls, gongs and other instruments bring everything into vibration, combine thinking and feeling and thus support the healing process.


Our daily practice

Hygiene of thoughts, feelings and actions

On all levels Through the way of life in the City of Peace, we consciously and regardfully recognise what the human being needs for his or her healing being. Thus, our therapy methods are regularly practised for healing as well as for strengthening and promoting the spirit, soul and body levels. In daily practice, this means for each individual to reflect attentively on thoughts, feelings and actions in terms of peacefulness and essentiality.

Natural and organic originality The way of life in the City of Peace is natural, pure and original. Thus, our supply and nutrition consist of pure and healthy gifts from Mother Earth, which are cultivated and processed according to the principle of Extended Humanity and with much Love. In this way, the plants we eat pass on healthy information to us.

Being healed is a gift of grace and blessing,
to live in healing, to be healed, to remain healed
and to heal others.


David Wared