A world of liberated people for Freedom of worlds.
A world of pacified people for Peace of worlds.
A world of true people for the Truth of worlds.
A world of devoted people for the Love of worlds.
A world of united people for the Unity of worlds.


David Wared


of Light Awareness

DAVID WARED as the source of light awareness is the founder of a new, deepened and complete philosophy, which he has lived and taught worldwide since 1974. Out of this engagement he has founded the Light Awareness Academy in Düsseldorf in 2011. Light Awareness describes a UNIQUE PHILOSOPHY of modern times, unique because:

  • it leads everything that exists back to the same origin, everything emerges from the Unity.
  • it shows equal dignity to every existence.
  • it establishes and deduces that the human being and everything that exists are "fundamentally good".
  • it assigns the same meaning to thinking and feeling within perception as thinking-feeling.
  • accordingly, it brings forth a healing approach that reconnects thinking, feeling and acting according to spirit, soul and body into think feel action.
  • it provides every human being with comprehensible, logical and applicable means and possibilities on the way to the recognition of their essence.
  • it makes it unmistakably clear that liberation from heteronomy, healing from a divisive viewpoint and full awareness of one's self is possible for all human beings.
  • it is a philosophy of Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love, and Unity.


FOR ALL The Light Awareness Academy provides therapeutic and counselling support for people who live in diseases, doubts or stressful situations and deals among other things with family, intercultural and international understanding. It develops concepts for building a new society of Peace and mutual promotion.

It offers courses, seminars and informative events for seekers, therapists and people interested in healing, as well as for families, associations, institutions and companies, according to the respective needs.
Students of the Light Awareness Academy have written the following guiding principle.


The holiness of a human being does not only depend on
what one does and how one acts,
but also on what one lets happen.


David Wared


of the Light Awareness Academy

In 1974 David Wared founded the Light Awareness Philosophy. As a healer and a philosopher of the New Time, he reveals a new chapter in the history of philosophy. lt rests on the idea of an Extended Humanity and of Unity. lt describes this idea in a clear, logical and understan­dable way and which is also easy to follow. David Wared’s philosophy is special because of an understan­ding of "think-feeling" and because it changes in a sustained way humanity's awareness so far.

We are students and master students of the Academy of Light Awareness Philosophy founded by David Wared. We actively involve ourselves in advising a peaceful community according to the highest humanitarian values, so that through the spiritual development of each individual the community can grow. The Light Awareness Philosophy is pioneering for our thinking, feeling, and acting according to its expanded human ideal. lt explains for the first time from the highest source basic questions concerning the meaning of human life.

We put into practice new socially comprehensive ideas which expand Peace and Freedom. By doing so, cultural and dogmatic barriers are dissolved and human consciousness can become totally free. Lived Light Awareness expresses itself through the highest wellbeing for all beings. Each person is welcome. We live peacefully, truthfully and in surrender. We are connected with men and all beings. We live, learn and love on the basis of gratitude and humility.

The Philosophy of Light Awareness according to David Wared expands the concept of humanity and founds a social model which longs for the unity of all. In our thinking. feeling and acting we put into practice a new ethics which makes possible a communal life in Peace and Freedom for everyone. lt should be possible for every human being to educate himself on the basis of the Light Awareness Philosophy, to completely develop his mind and to help his soul to mature and to accomplish his talents in harmony with nature.

The Light Awareness Philosophy reveals the unity of men and the unity with animals and all of nature. Thinking is expanded through feeling. We connect with all beings and accompany and support them in the process of becoming complete. In the different philosophies so far the highest form of thinking was strived for in decision making and in action maxim. lt is expanded in Light Awareness Philosophy through feeling, which is for us an essential source in the process of knowledge. Therefore, we live with masculine clear thinking and feminine pure feeling. The limitation of human understanding by rationality alone is thus dissolved. In this way our human origin is revealed in its trinity of spirit, soul and body.

The Light Awareness Philosophy promotes man's awareness via liberation, healing and self-under­standing. Man frees himself from conditioning, beliefs, ideologies, compulsion and his unredeemed past. He heals himself completely beyond his physical symptoms and recognizes his true originality. He acts from his longing and he follows and surrenders to the impulses of his heart in free choice.

We long for a peaceful life in a unity which shines over a peaceful coexistence and dissolves it. We would like to expand a loving, peaceful, truthful, free and uniting togetherness in the highest possible sense. That which guides us on our way are an Extended Humanity and a Light-Aware ethics and culture. which allow a Light-Aware community of loving beings.

The Light Essence Therapy developed by David Wared according to Light Awareness Philosophy counsels man in spiritual, professional and health care issues. lt forms his self-understanding, it heals him by healing impulses, it accompanies him towards healing and assists him in the crises of his life. We teach and live the Light Awareness Philosophy. Thus, it becomes possible for man to consciously live, experience and to understand his development.

We support, promote and reinforce each other in order to expand our "think-feeling" and our acting. lt is important to us to decide for the well-being of all on the basis of “think-feeling". We deal with each other freely, peacefully, lovingly and truthfully by appreciating each other and by connecting with each other and as a unifying community we support each individual.

Our acting is orientated toward truth, love. peace, freedom and unity. This orientation is our highest longing. In unity we recognize the highest principle of creation as trinity. First the expanding Light for the growth of the spiritual horizon, second the Love that expresses itself for the realization of all beingness and third of Life, which changes, develops and expands the eternal core of beingness. We are aware that reality always takes place in a universal order which keeps all that happens together in a free and harmonious way and which allows everything to express itself in a unique rhythm. We honor and support the uniqueness of each person and enable him to find his place with a clear orientation in our community and to achieve his growth.

Light-Aware acting realizes Peace, preserves nature, stills hunger, makes possible a sustained economy and it ensures abundance for everyone. Through us a new quality of Freedom and culture can express itself. In it all life is gratefully appreciated and honoured.

Between you and the creator is only your conception.


David Wared