When we give Freedom to others,
we increase our Freedom.

David Wared



for Peace

Peace visionaries coming together!

The Cities of Peace by David Wared are non-profit projects prepared, organized and realized by the non-profit association Cities of Peace Association Germany e.V. Donors as patrons, benefactors, sponsors, cooperation partners and co-actors, who feel in their hearts connected to the vision of worldwide Peace, support us. Become one of them and turn to this vision and the worldwide network of Cities of Peace:

  • Inspire more and more people with us for the essence-realization of lasting Peace on Earth.
  • Join us in touching people worldwide with your Peace and thereby connect more and more people and all livings on our planet.
  • Bring in your energy and strength and help us to build the Cities of Peace worldwide.
  • Support us materially and financially in the creation of worldwide Peace and worldwide harmony.

In practical terms, this means concluding clear sponsorship agreements, making patron and benefactor arrangements and issuing donation receipts. In transparency, we publish a list of donors, patrons and benefactors with their financial contributions, subject to your approval.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to find the kind of support and donation that suits you best.

Please contact Julia Knobel or Norbert Rulands from our core team. They and the Cities of Peace protagonists behind them stand by your side as reliable partners.

Thank you very much in the name of all peaceable people, in the name of all flora and fauna and in the name of the Earth that carries us.

Donations for the realisation

of the CITIES of PEACE

You are also welcome to transfer your donation to our account at GLS Bank:

CITIES of PEACE Association Germany e.V.
Account details:
IBAN: DE54 4306 0967 4082 1364 00

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Christstra├če 9
D 44789 Bochum

Or simply donate here with one click!


Soon you will be able to transfer your donation directly here with a click onto the button.

Cooperation partners

of the Cities of Peace worldwide

Thank you very much to all donors who anonymously and by name have given their energy and strength to the implementation of this unique vision.


Together we build Cities of Peace.

Peace in the community and in the world is the responsibility of all of us. Everyone is asked to contribute his or her sharing.

We do not live for ourselves; we live in community because it is our longing to extend the Peace recognized within us and to touch it in each individual until there is worldwide Peace. We create Cities of Peace because in our communities we manifest and re-gift dignity to people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.


With Cities of Peace, we are creating a worldwide network of living communities that express and extend the most far-reaching and profound vision of Peace.

The Cities of Peace exist now because the world needs change now. The Cities of Peace exist now because people and all living beings long for a new quality of togetherness. We create Cities of Peace to witness our gratitude, adoration and Love to all people in life community.


The Cities of Peace exist now because we start now!


At this place your name could be mentioned, please contact us.

For you I would touch the sky again.
With you I can spark all the stars again.
For you, I would create rainbows everywhere.
With you I could float in the colors of the heart.
For you I would forge happiness anew every time.
With you I can reawaken the Light Awareness.


David Wared