Thanks to all those who carry the vision of Extended Humanity
in their hearts and long
to live it and pass it on.
When we begin to be in Peace within ourselves,
our Kingdom of Peace grows into a light-family
out of our heart.
Then the longing to be genuine unites
all beings and the cities of the world
become sites of the highest encounter.
Then Mother Earth is an ark for all,
for we are the creators on her.
Let us apply our strength to clearly recognize
that creativity, not war, carries the human being.

David Wared



a living vision in Peace

Welcome to the unique, virtual City of Peace worldwide. Thanks for being here. Take a look around the city you have always longed for. If you feel at home in it, then fulfill it together with us.


Thank you for this vision, thank you for being carried during its implementation and thank you for being with us. You will find the essence of a City of Peace here and if you take your time you will find much more ...

Why a City of Peace?

Global Peace is possible! Peace is included in everything, there is nothing outside Peace and the Unity of all creation. We humans have given up our original Peace awareness infavour of a perishable, self-centered identity. Our core of being as spirit-soul-unity remains untouched by this. Only our subjective perception and our evaluating mind cause separation of unity. The reduced personality separated from the original potential creates unfinished thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  This causes disorder, strife and disharmony in our lives. All incompleteness does not last and does not correspond to our eternal, infinite and immortal being. The longing as a present of the all-unifying Love within us motivates us to search for what we really are.

We set out on an individual path of cognition and go through experiences and perceptions until we wake up from our sleep of separation. We sense and begin to recognize our individual responsibility for the Peace that includes everything. From the resulting perspectives the City of Peace grows within us. This is fundamental for life in a community of Extended Humanity. This means living and acting peacefully with all people, with all animals, with all plants and with Mother Earth. In this way individual Peace expands into global, sustainable Peace. That is how worldwide Peace is possible.

You are the architect and master builder of the City of Peace within you and thus the creator of worldwide Peace!


„Imagine it's Peace and everyone joins in.” Peace in the world presupposes that all discover their origin Peace within themselves. Only peaceable actions emerge from this.


A network of Cities of Peace around the world educates and connects people of Peace. This is how sustainable Peace is created globally.





Everything in the City of Peace experience appreciation. That is what we call Extended Humanity. Humans, animals, plants and the earth are of equal value, equal dignity and equal importance.





From profession to vocation: The City of Peace enables everyone to come into their calling through their gifts.



Living direct democracy: All generations decide out of their responsibility and contribute to the benefit of all.



Learning from the order of nature, generating, creating and producing in harmony with nature and sustainable living in the rhythm of nature.



Education in the Cities of Peace is free and self-motivated. It picks up people in their natural curiosity and longing for development.



Healing inner and outer conflicts precedes true Peace and affects body, soul and spirit. We live in healing action for humans, animals, plants and the planet Earth.



The origin of happiness is bliss. Man in his full creator potential is blissful, in being happy and triggers happiness for all living beings. The City of Peace is the city of the happy and blissful.



Meditation is one of the essential ways for Peace essence-realization, healing and growing of awareness. It is an integral part of the daily routine and takes place both individually and collectively.




Highest ecological and technical standards create living space, sustainable means of transport and efficient energy supply. We live in integrative life communities.



The residents live the community of the for each other. All generations under one roof are only one aspect of it. A City of Peace is heaven on earth.



more then buildings and streets only

Existence and form A City of Peace naturally consists of buildings, streets, paths and other infrastructure which make a city worth living in. But without the awareness of the inner Peace of its residents and the Extended Humanity that results from it, it is a "City" like many others. Therefore, a City of Peace naturally offers multiple opportunities for expanding the spirit and deepening the awareness.

The City of Peace is alive when the people who live and work in it remember that their hearts carry a core which is Peace and that they are therefore Peace. This Peace is in people and in all beings. Also in the stones, the glass and the metals from which it is built.

Go into the discovery of life,
not into the stress of survival.

David Wared