All the inhabitants of heaven are connected with each other.
Not always leaving, not always departing,
not always travelling long distances,
but finally arriving at the destination of the heart.


David Wared


Mother of all Cities of Peace

start and target The Light Awareness Academy founded in 2011 by David Wared at Stresemannstr. 43 in Düsseldorf and the resulting Light Awareness Community Education and Health gGmbH founded in 2020 by more than one hundred Academy graduates, are the origin of all Cities of Peace worldwide. We educate, supervise, treat and advise people. We assist them in their longing for knowledge and health. Out of the Light Awareness Philosophy according to David Wared, we develop the fundamentals, their application and their practical use to build a new society of Peace and mutual advancement for the benefit of all life on Mother Earth.

OPEN TO ALL We offer courses, seminars and information events for seekers, therapists and those interested in healing, as well as for families, associations, institutions and companies. We assist the sick and those seeking help and accompany them on their healing journey. All people are welcome to experience complete acceptance, appreciation and respect. In this way, we realize the vision of the Unity and equality of all human beings and the whole of creation on this planet.

LIVING CONNECTIVITY More and more of us are drawn to the motherhouse in Düsseldorf. Many already live in its immediate neighborhood. We live in individual housing units, but we are one big family, happy to be a community of like-minded people. The community life ranges from lunch from a kitchen that expands into a restaurant to mutual support especially in difficult phases of life. We plan and realize collectively the expansion of our motherhouse.

ALL GENERATIONS We meditate together for global Peace. We encourage each other in our talents and gifts. We feel the diversity of each as enrichment on the path of our individual and global evolution. We mean all generations, young and old, humans and animals, as well as plants and Mother Earth. Our thinking, feeling and acting, our certainty, confidence and trust are based on the realization that human beings and all creation are fundamentally good.

The community of the motherhouse in Düsseldorf is also the sponsor of the visions "World tour for Peace" and "Cities of Peace":

WORLD TOUR FOR PEACE 100 people who have realized Peace within themselves follow the inner call to place themselves at the service of all beings and with this journey to expand the message of Peace worldwide.  Within 2 years we will travel to 100 countries of the world, spread over all continents. more ...

CITIES OF PEACE will be created in all countries along the route of this Peace Journey.

They will be founded by people in these countries, who will find their Peace awareness again through meeting and touching each other during our combined activities for Peace. Thus, a worldwide network of light-aware living communities will be spun in the consciousness of Extended Humanity. The more tightly this web of us humans is being woven, the more there will be real Peace on Earth.

All human beings think, feel and act in the presence of the 11 Basic Values according to the Light Awareness Philosophy. Thank you for being with us.

The Cities of Peace are places
where people learn
to become sentient beings again.


David Wared