Your Freedom makes World Freedom.
Your Peace makes World Peace.
Your Truth makes World Truth.
Your Love makes World Love.
Your Unity makes World Unity.


David Wared


Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity

QUALITY Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love and Unity are fundamental, connecting, promoting, giving sense, essential for all Life and therefore fundamental. If human beings orientate themselves towards them, their actions and effects are peaceful, free, empathetic, truthful and for the benefit of all. In Unity these values are inseparably connected to each other, neither changeable nor inseparable, therefore eternally valid.

How can man perceive the five eternally valid values?

THINKFEEL By extending his rational thinking and the exclusive use of the physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) into feeling. This goes along with the expansion of consciousness via intuitive perception into the feeling level. Education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment in a City of Peace support all those in deepening their awareness and expanding their spirit who have realized that they are more than just the body that carries them through life.

There is an uncanny, indestructible and incredible Freedom.
This is the Freedom of the spirit of all people.


David Wared


Natural expression of life

ORIGINAL As one of the 5 eternally valid values, Freedom is an existence, like Peace, Love, Truth and Unity. Existence means eternally, infinitely and immortally existing beyond all matter. Freedom is not a matter of time. Man calls for freedom because he considers himself unfree. When man thinks of Freedom, he wants to be free. However, to be free is not a question of willing, but the cognition of being free in itself. Freedom is in us, whether we are aware of it or not. Let us listen to the couple on a park bench:

He: "What does Freedom mean to you?"
She: "Freedom is within me, independent of all external circumstances. To me, being free means being able to live what I feel."

CREATIVITY Western philosophers have only partially solved the mystery of Freedom. The great Immanuel Kant shaped the terms practical, psychological and transcendental Freedom of the rational human being. Freedom is not a perspective of reason. The philosophy of light awareness brings clarity to the human perception of Freedom. The source of all creation are the 11 basic values, Freedom as one of them enables the manifestation of all creation. It provides creativity within the process of creation and gives sense to all development. Thus, diversity and variety arise within the Unity of all beings and forms.


Individual aspect of Freedom - Freedom within me

RESPONSIBILITY This is about my cognition of being free under all circumstances, even if I cannot move freely. The precondition for this is the liberation from the restrictive perception of myself as a body-related identification. Through this separation from my eternal, immortal core of being and thus from Freedom, I create a cage for myself which does not let me be free anymore. The responsibility for this is mine, because it was my free choice to exchange my original one-ness for identification. To be unfree is an expression of my lack of Freedom, which is accompanied by discord in me.
Because my core of being is never separated from the source of all creation, I walk the path of experience, discover and recognize in search of the Freedom of my original home.

Free choice On my path, the liberation from separation guides me out of the shortage. The Love within me heals my suffering caused by the separation. Living in the City of Peace liberates me from conditioning, cultural and religious views, as I become more and more self-aware through my experiences. Translated into daily life this means to accept and admit everything essential without exception, because it supports my development and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is essential because it mobilizes the own accord and strength from the longing. A completely new awareness of being free and responsibility grows within me. I consciously perceive my free choice and use it. In this way I find my place and my mission in the community, create free space for promoting my creativity and unfold the qualities within me.



Global aspect of Freedom - Freedom within us

BEING FREE Every form of life, every creation and existence is essential and includes Freedom as one of the eleven basic values in its essence. The dual expression of Freedom by an embodied nature is being free. Animals, plants and our planet earth fulfil their destiny out of themselves and are in devotion. They are connected to the whole, feel the Freedom within themselves and are therefore free. But do we humans give them space for this? The areas of natural forest are becoming smaller and smaller, replaced by farming monocultures. We are exhausting the earth's and oceans' resources, polluting them disproportionately, and unbalancing them through our behaviour. Never before have humans abused animals more as food and never before has our earth been so heavily exploited.

LIBERATION Extended humanism according to the Philosophy of Light Awareness assigns equal dignity to all existence.

We human beings do justice to this dignity when we recognize the fundamental goodness within us. This requires the liberation and healing of separating and selfish behavior.

EARTH EDEN Worldwide, Cities of Peace will create the conditions and possibilities for this. Their inhabitants are completely free and responsible in their thinking, feeling and acting. Education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment support them at all levels and throughout their lives on their path of cognition. Animals, plants and the earth are equal and worthy members of the community for each other. The tighter the network consisting of Cities of Peace worldwide, the closer the earth will come to the Earth-Eden, until it is completely restored.

Universal aspect of freedom - Freedom within itself

IDEAL Freedom, Peace, Love, Truth and Unity are presences. Freedom is per se, in itself, out of itself and for itself free. It is unconditional, needs no expansion and yet everything original extends over it. It is in me, it is in you, it is in all existence and thus gives meaning to the development of ALL. Out of her everything, every form and every way is possible. Universal Freedom is not conceivable, it is sensible and expresses itself in a person through self-aware being free.

What does the couple on the park bench say about universal Freedom?

She: "Out of my Freedom I came onto the world to be free with you. I recognize my being free within me and your being free within you. Your Freedom and my Freedom originate from THE Freedom."
He: "Because you and I are free, we are connected."

Love begins through Peace.
Truth is accomplished through Peace.
Unity is the goal of Peace.
Freedom is the child of Peace.


David Wared


The longing in the heart of all people

SOUL EXPRESSION Much has been written and spoken about Peace. What is Peace? The absence of war is not the same as Peace between people. Peace is a timeless, unchanging presence within us. Peace is within us even when we do not act peacefully. Whatever is caused by us human beings, the Peace within us is not affected. Peace is the true expression of the human soul. Peace between people begins in me and in you. Peace is the responsibility of all of us. The essential Peace cannot be perceived through the physical senses alone, neither analyzed nor defined. Philosophers have so far developed theories of Peace based on rationality.


THINKFEEL According to the Philosophy of Light Awareness revealed by David Wared, Peace is one of the five eternally valid values contained in all existence. Peace, Freedom, Love, Truth and Unity can only be experienced, discovered and recognized through complete perception through clear thinking and pure feeling. Let's listen to a couple on the park bench:
She: "I feel worldwide Peace, I feel World Peace with all Beings."

He: "What is it like when you feel Peace?"
She: "It's like when white horses gallop freely through the desert, that is like diving into the silence of the ocean. Everything is wider as far and deeper as deep.”



Individual aspect of Peace - Peace within me

APPROACH How do I get closer to the Peace within me? It requires my perception as well as the acceptance and reception of the information that I have separated from the Peace within me and thus from my true being. Out of my free choice I then decide for reconciliation, complete forgiveness and the unconditional acceptance of myself and my fellow beings. Helpful in this process is the supervision, consultation, education, treatment and assistance by people who have already found and realized Peace within themselves.

PEACE STARTS WITHIN ME The study of the Light Awareness Philosophy and its application, e.g. through meditation, brings me on the journey within. The experience of Peace within me opens up the choice to free myself from my self-determined and other-determined imprints, from cultural and religious views. Through these experiences I recognize myself more and more. Only when I have arrived in my Peace free of need do I correspond to my core of being. I extend Peace through my spirit, express it through my soul and bring it through my body into liveliness.

PHYSICAL PEACE means complete Order, Harmony and Rhythm in the interaction of my cells and organs. I am vital, healthy, require less sleep and food, because the fifteen light gates of my body are all open and fine-material energy can flow in unhindered. My aura fields do not show any blockades. Therefore, my energy field is connected to those of my fellow beings and allows me to absorb and also release energy again.

SOUL PEACE within me is inspired by the originality of Peace. I no longer displace anything or shift my responsibility to others, but I am willing and able to forgive myself and others. I internalize universal Peace and thus contribute to the strengthening of the Peace process.

SPIRITUAL PEACE I am in acceptance and forgiveness, so that another dimension gate opens within me, the gate to spiritual Peace. I am freed from spiritual inertia, restlessness and emotions. I am connected with all beings and Peace communicator.

Global aspect of Peace - Peace within us

ALL HUMAN BEINGS Only a human being who is separated from him or herself and from his or her source can keep World Peace waiting. Animals, plants and our planet earth are connected to the eternal origin and therefore in full expression of the Peace that is within them. It is therefore a matter of all people finding and realizing Peace within themselves.  This is going to happen undoubtedly, because separation from origin is an incomplete idea and therefore finite. We are all free in the creation of our individual bottom, that means our path of experience and recognition back to the awareness of Peace as a presence.

CITIES OF PEACE worldwide will create the preconditions and possibilities for this. The resident impulse, inspire and manifest their inner Peace to each other. As Peace Teachers they are exemplary for open and peaceful communication. In this way they support all those who long for Peace. From their creative strength, which has brought them into their own peacefulness, they encourage others to do the same. True Harmony is created within the community of a City of Peace, from which lasting Peace emanates. This Peace is the path to Unity for human beings and the basis for Light Aware Communities.

Universal aspect of Peace - Peace within itself

SUPREME PEACE Freedom, Peace, Love, Truth and Unity are presences. Peace is present by itself, in itself, from itself and for itself. It is issued from an eternal source, contains everything that is at rest in itself, self-sufficient and brings only itself into being. It is the highest and absolute Peace - a facet of the pure spectrum of Light that is extended over the whole of creation. The presence of Peace in the core of the human being triggers his primal longing for pure Light Awareness.

What does the couple on the park bench say about universal Peace?

She: "I fly with you through the ALL-space on the wings of the light awareness. This touches me deeply and makes me feel blissful."
He: "Thank you for flying with me, because this is how my vision of World Peace on Earth Eden will be fulfilled".

He who has faced his truth
has nothing to conceal,
has nothing to hide,
becomes transparent and flooded with light
and he becomes a carrier of truth.


David Wared


What is true has eternal validity

ABSOLUTLY TRUE As one of the five eternally valid values, Truth is the universal basis for the truthfulness and preservation of everything. Like Peace, Love, Freedom and Unity, Truth is a present, original existence. Everything from the source of creation is eternally valid. From origin-information, origin-awareness and origin-energy, ideas are impulsed, inspired and created into the level of being. These ideas are completed and true.
When a human being speaks about Truth, he makes his perception known. He cannot take everything that is true from the limitations of his perception that he himself has caused. According to his consciousness he expresses what he has comprehended with his senses and processed and evaluated with his mind. When man reflects on his Truth, only subjective partial truths open up to him from it. Being completely truthful is not possible in this way. This is only possible through the realization of the Truth within him. An open heart is a precondition for this. It is the seat of the eternal, infinite and immortal core of a human being. Truth is in us, whether we are aware of it or not. A couple on the park bench also talks about this:

He: "In all these years I have realized that not everything I know is true."
She: "Approaching the complete Truth is not possible from knowledge alone. It requires the recognition of yourself.”
He: "How is that possible?"
She: "Through the expansion and deepening of your perception, your emotions dissolve. Your thoughts are transformed into clear thinking and your feelings are purified into deep feeling."
He: "Are you talking about hygiene?"
She: "That's exactly it: Hygiene of mind and feeling bring you closer to your Truth and you become more and more truthful in your expression."


TRUE THINKING People long for Truth as much as they long for Peace. The question of what is Truth has not been fully answered by philosophers until 1974. Aristotle introduced logical thinking in order to arrive at recognition of what is true. His theorem of contradiction is still considered the safest theorem within logic today in order to exclude deceptions: One and the same thing cannot be attributed and denied to the same object and in the same meaning at the same time. Aristotle explicitly applies this theorem to both the variable and the essential characteristics of the object.

TRUE THINKFEELING The Philosophy of Light Awareness has been revealing, disclosing and manifesting since 1974 that Truth cannot be fathomed exclusively by means of logic and analytics. The approach to Truth is only possible if the human being allows feeling as well as thinking. Thinking exclusively about Truth means looking at the absoluteness of Truth from a limited perspective. Pure feeling and clear thinking open up completely new experiences of Truth beyond the previous frame. Truth is frameless.
The essence of the human being is one with the eleven basic values, is one with Truth. Man's creative being allows him to assume an identity out of Freedom. This identified ego-consciousness limits the perception of Truth. Out of this limitation he makes decisions and performs actions that produce untruth.  The one original Truth from the source of all being is the master key for opening all the gates of knowledge into widening and deepening perspectives back into his potential of creating only what is true.



Individual aspect of Truth - Truth within me

TRUthfulness As a human being, I cannot fully perceive Truth as absoluteness. My expression of Truth goes hand in hand with the degree of cognition of myself. My identification with the humanness separates me from the Truth of my essentiality. All identification produces illusions instead of cognitions. In this way I maintain my ego-identity. Unconsciously, I reinterpret facts, falsify or reduce information and suppress awareness of my real essence. The result is a reduced and unclear mind. Insecurity, fear and conflicts are then possible in my life. That does not correspond to what I really am. The link to the origin within me makes me seek my Truth. Unsustainable life circumstances can make me realign myself. I begin to distinguish between what is true and what is deceptive. By virtue of my free choice and driven by my longing for truth, I align myself with the being of light within me and once again recognize my Self more and more.

That is to be truthful to myself, to be able to clearly distinguish truth from deception.

COME TRUE Being with and for each other in a City of Peace accompanies and supports me on this path of self-recognition. I am given all the time to clear my mind into the spirit and to purify my sensations into the deep feeling of the soul. This enables me to follow and express my inner Truth. My expression is more and more truthful. It requires my continuous attention to perceive the abundance of impulses from my higher self and sometimes courage to accept them. It requires my willingness to be truthful in order to become fully aware of myself and to be completely one with myself. In this way, my essentiality is being expressed.

Global aspect of Truth - Truth within us

TRUE HOME Mother Earth is completely one with her being and all existing on her. She is of highest awareness, an ensouled being of Light in a wonderful body, for she unconditionally fulfils her mission of existence. In pre-luminous clarity, pre-loving devotion and pre-living strength she serves all human beings, animals, plants, other planets in space and also the Light Beings who support her. Its Order, Harmony and Rhythm, its Oneness with all existence and its Truth are in perfect expression of origin. This is also true of all the flora and fauna she accommodates.
Meanwhile, she carries, protects and feeds nearly eight billion people, a multitude that will continue to grow. How does humanity relate to Mother Earth? Our truth is the connection with all fellow beings, particularly with Mother Earth. She devotes herself to us, gives herself away and makes everything possible. Like the parents who made our incarnation possible, protecting, carrying and giving security. But we have displaced and shifted our self-awareness and the responsibility that comes with it. Out of her unconditional Love, however, Mother Earth also bears the effects caused by us humans through selfish actions.

She accepts the disorder, disharmony and rhythm disturbance without judgement. It is up to us to recognize and take responsibility for this.

EXTENDED HUMANITY The worldwide Cities of Peace give us humans all opportunities and spaces for liberation and healing from limiting ideas and illusions. This leads to individual realization and evolution. The quality of self-expression and thus the truthfulness of each individual grows. We expand our individual perspectives into a global awareness in responsibility towards all beings. This is the basis of the comprehension of Expanded Humanity according to Light Awareness. This means equality and equal value of all existence. Our sustainable thinking-feeling-acting from Light Awareness has responsible decisions and their implementation for at least five generations in focus.
This vision becomes true through the expansion of human thinking by feeling: Mind and heart merge into universal awareness and fulfil the truth within us.


Universal aspect of Truth - Truth within itself

Source of Truth Universality is Unity and primary originality. There can therefore only be one Truth as the source of all being and all livingness. Truth is out of itself, in itself, for itself and per se.

  • Truth is the omnipresent Light of cognition of all that exists, which is eternally enhancing, deepening, evolving and intensifying to approach the Origin.
  • Truth expresses itself as infinitely connecting consciousness. It shows the completeness, connectedness and wholeness that leads into Unity.
  • Truth is the imperishable drive for development, transformation and conversion into the real, original and authentic in life.


The Truth of the Original Source is limitless and timeless. Everything true and valid is included in it.

What does the couple on the park bench say about universal Truth?

She: "I have destined to meet you and you have come. Both of us have made it come true. Your preshining, preloving and preliving is pure expression of the universal Truth. It reminds me more and more of my Truth."
He: "Thank you for fulfilling me through your truthfulness, for your Truth and my Truth united them into the ONE, universal Truth."


Demand nothing in Love.
Expect nothing in Love.
Possess nothing in Love.


David Wared


Unconditional and infinite presence

FEELING Love is a pre-existence. It is therefore timeless, unchanging and unconditional. Love is not conceivable, only tangible. Love as existence can be experienced in the presence of feeling.

In this context, the couple sitting on a park bench expresses feeling in this way:

She: "I always knew that you existed. I always knew that I would meet you. When you crossed me, it almost took my shoes off."
He: "You magically attracted me, there was this strength. How did you know I existed before we met?"

She: "Because I felt it."

CONNECTING Love is within us, whether we are aware of it or not. Because Love is eternal, nothing is lost in Love. Feeling is the access to Love within us and requires the opening of the heart. Without this awareness, man is thinking Love. His perceptions are reduced to the physical senses and only the conceivable is valid. But on this level, even the Western philosophers were not able to reveal the secret of Love. The great Plato tried to build a bridge to the eternal spirituality and the infinity of the soul through his theory of ideas. But even he was not able to fully substantiate this theory. The "Platonic" aspect of love has been preserved until today. According to the philosophy of light awareness, Love means connectivity, devotion, promotion of everything else and empathy from the heart.


Individual aspect of Love - Love within me

SELF-LOVING Here it is about the Love of man to himself. Self-love expresses itself through inner connection and self-partnership. What does that mean? As an original spirit-soul-unit I am incarnated in a body (lat. incarnare = to become flesh). Therefore, I carry spirit and soul within me and thus the cornucopia that makes me full on all three human levels of existence. In this context, self-love means awareness of one's own essence and the fulfilment of personal potential through individual expression. The ability to love other beings goes hand in hand with the degree of personal consciousness.

EXPRESS Out of universal Freedom I got the free choice to take on an individual identity in the form. Connected with free choice is always the assumption of responsibility for every decision. This is essential because in this embodied identity I "forget" my all-connectedness, I am no longer aware of it. My behaviour, which means my thoughts, feelings, words and actions are oriented towards the polarity of the material world. The basic goodness that exists within me is more or less expressed.
This separation exists only within the identity I have created myself. My true, original being is never separate from the source of all creation.


Because of this, I seek Unity with All beings and in doing so, I follow my own unique paths of cognition through experiencing and discovering. Once again, I am responsible to really perceive and internalize the experiences made, instead of suppressing them. With the help of external and internal impulses I understand the patterns of behavior, ideas and imprints that limit me. The Love in me is able to transform this self-built cage by connecting here again. It thereby effects healing and liberation. With it, what has always been is restored, only now I am aware of it. If this succeeds more and more, the search transforms into a longing for the originality. My responsibility is to open my heart to this and to engage with the Love within me.

AWARENESS On this path of deepening, I experience constant accompaniment and support from my environment, whether I perceive it or not. Also, the connection with my soul partner encourages me on this path. We impulse and nourish each other, support each other powerfully. The City of Peace creates the ideal conditions for its inhabitants to follow their own path of cognition until they become aware of their true self.



Global aspect of Love - Love within us

DEVOTION Only those who feel their Love within themselves are able to turn towards another being in a compassionate, empathic and devoted way. Love is the impetus of all development and therefore leads us back to the original eternal, infinite and immortal Unity of all beings. Our home planet Earth is also a living being with spirit and soul in a big heart, because it serves and gives itself in unconditional devotion, carries and feeds us humans, all animals and all plants.

EXTENDED HUMAN Everything is of equal value and equal dignity and comes alive in the implementation of Extended Humanity.


Here, the Love for all beings can be experienced and finds its expression. Not only the dignity of all human beings is inviolable, but also that of all flora and fauna, as well as the dignity of the Earth. Animals, nature and our Earth are to be treated equally to us humans. The precondition for Extended Humanism and thus for living in a City of Peace is awakening up from the illusion of separation. With increasing awareness and the accompanying evolution of thinking and feeling, we recognize the universal dignity within us and are thus able to perceive and accept the dignity of all others. If we discover the paradise within us, then Earth-Eden arises.


Universal aspect of Love - Love within itself

INFINITE LOVE We've come full circle. Universal Love is an existence - by itself, within itself, from itself and for itself. It is free, unconditional and needs no expansion. It is within everything and connects all existence. Everything is One. Universal Love is sensible and can only be discovered under the transcendence of the evaluative structures of the mind, e.g. in a meditation and about the perception of the soul senses.


This experience is only limited describable in words. But let us hear the couple on the park bench once again:

She: "I am originally from light. I dissolve into silence and devote myself to the destination of my longing."
He: "You touch me. Welcome to the original home."

Unity is the experience of completeness
and the holistic recognition
with me, with you and with everything else.


David Wared



Original state of all existence

ALL holdING All existence, whether in a body or formless, is brought forth by ONE Source, has the same, the ONE Origin. This all-containing Source is eternal, infinite and immortal. As expressed in the preceding light wisdom, there is nothing outside the Unity, not even matter, although it is transient. Even the human being who draws boundaries is within the oneness, he is only no longer aware of it.

Unity holds everything unconditionally. Everything in Unity is perfect Freedom, absolute Peace, whole Truth and pure Love. Everything in Unity corresponds completely to a clear Order, is harmoniously connected and embedded in the universal Rhythm. Nothing else brings the ONE source of Light and Love into Life.

Unity means eternity, yet matter is finite and relative. In the world of things, unity has its dual expression, One-ness. Contained in everything is the original being, connected in Unity. If the being carrier is fully aware of this, he or she expresses oneness as One-ness with all:

He: "I am in you, you are in me and nothing is between you and me."
She: "This fulfils my greatest longing within me."

SEPARATION ILLUSION The human being separated from Unity, thinks, speaks and acts oppositionally to this dialogue. He draws boundaries, builds walls and condemns. This is contrary to Unity, but is possible within Unity without affecting it. The core of being in the heart of human beings is always All-connected. This results in a pulling strength into One-ness. In addition, the human being is able to develop a thrust strength. For this, he or she needs insight and engage in what he or she really is: the essential, eternal, infinite and immortal being, complete, connected and whole, in Unity with All. Then he or she is the original human being who is fundamentally good and One with All.


Individual aspect of Unity - Unity within me

Point of view As an original spirit-soul-life unit, I have chosen out of Freedom to experience the liveliness in a body. The world of forms is relative, the description of a given form and its perception is based on dependencies and opposites, e.g. big/small or cold/warm. The decisive factor is my view of the variety and multitude of species and forms: Connecting or separating? Views from my I-identified, separate consciousness and the intentions associated with them make me decide and act in an evaluating, separating or even eliminating way. This increases strife and lack of Freedom within me, until I perceive my separateness as painful. I unmask the illusion of separation and perceive the quiet calling of my original, unified being within me.

the one view Through my decision for reconnection and entering into the corresponding impulses, the path back to my originality opens up for me. I realize the limitations in myself, declare my agreement with the changes and release the separating ideas in me. Practicing gratitude and appreciative acceptance brings trust back into my awareness. With every removed separating barrier, connectedness and oneness fill me out from my innermost being. This presents me with the harmony in the encounter with my fellow beings that I have longed for. I fully live light awareness as an expression of Unity in Oneness.

Look into the light of a candle and
melt into the light.
Look into the laughter of a child and
merge with the source of happiness.
Look into the heart of your fellow beings and
merge with the Unity of Being.


David Wared

Global aspect of Unity - Unity within us

LIFE CYCLE The path back into Unity is taken by all human beings who have given up their original, unseparated Spirit-Soul-Life Unity of their own free choice in favor of a separative identity; each in his or her own way, at his or her own pace and in his or her own time. Separated from inner guidance and companionship, this path is more like a search than a purposeful approach. The choices made on this search and states triggered by one's own will determine the time of awakening from the illusion of separateness. It is the point of turning in the life cycle, which has its beginning and its fulfilment in oneness. Now it is necessary to accept the fulfilment of the longing for original oneness with the All-Unity of all existence as the original destiny. What place could be better suited for this than a City of Peace?

UNIFYING CITY OF PEACE It is the home that reminds its human inhabitants of the homeland and the origin of their light awareness and gives them every opportunity to fulfil their incarnation and life plan: ongoing, expanding and deepening education, comprehensive treatment for spiritual, mental and physical healing, companionship and counselling at critical stages of life and assistance whenever the desire for it arises.

WORLD PEACE In accordance with the universal principle of expansion, more and more people are pre-living their destiny in light awareness in Cities of Peace that are emerging worldwide. When the vision of the Cities of Peace is being remembered and alive again in the hearts of all people, then World Peace is achieved, for which we all long so much.

I feel All-Unity,
I live All-Unity,
I am ONE with the All-Unity of all existence.


David Wared

Universal aspect of Unity - Unity within itself

UNITY is given above all creation from the highest source as existence. It is inviolable, eternal and absolute. It is the quality from which all being and all quantities emerge. It is the origin and destination of all of us. Nothing is lost to it, even what appears to be separate is contained in it. Unity is the original source of all existence, creation and living beings. "Unity is the all igniting, giving, containing and preserving for eternity" (David Wared).
Light awareness fulfils Unity on all levels of creation. Its expression on the level of materiality is Oneness.


Let us listen thereto the couple on the park bench:

She: "I see-feel and live united with everything that is. This fulfils me and lets me be blissfully protected in certainty. This touches me and makes me feel happy, full of trust in being loved and secure. It makes me feel alive in the happiness of being carried."
He: „Thank you for recognizing and fulfilling me in you.“
She: "I am in you and you are in me, nothing is between you and me."
He: „I give all that I am and receive all that is.”

My Love awareness allows me to experience
Love and intimate feelings.
My Life awareness allows me to experience
infinity and eternity.
My Light awareness allows me to sense
the Unity of being and the originality of all universes.


David Wared